Terms and conditions

When booking an apartment, you agree to the following terms


All guests are obliged to familiarize themselves with Drammen's and the Hotel's restrictions for Covid-19. Rules and regulations vary according to the advice of the government and NIPH.



Responsible for the booking must be over 18 years, and represent one of the apartment's occupants. In case of breach of the above terms or sublease, the booking is cancelled immediately without refund. The reservation is not guaranteed until payment has been registered or confirmation from the company has been received. We do not accept cash payments.



The agreed amount is paid by credit card, debit card or bank transfer no later than at the start of the stay, then monthly in advance for long-term rent. Booking of additional services during the stay must be paid when booking. Origo must approve invoicing after a credit check has been performed before the start of the stay and is offered for corporate customers with an agreement only.




All cancellations and changes to orders must be notified in writing by email to be considered valid. Long term rentals and group bookings can be changed/cancelled up to 7 days before check-in. Individual bookings can be changed/cancelled up to 24 hours before check-in. After this deadline, the stay and any purchases will be charged in full in case of a no-show.



Booked apartments are guaranteed ready for check-in at 15:00 on the day of arrival. Checking out is at 11 am on departure day. The apartments can not be used beyond this time unless otherwise agreed with Origo. Late check-out will be charged 100% of the current daily price without reservation.

Subletting the apartments is not allowed, and all kinds of business activities are prohibited.

Origo does not allow any parties in the apartments. The security service has the right to reject any resident who violates these regulations. Origo reserves the right to refuse entry or terminate the tenancy without reimbursing costs to any guest/resident who creates a nuisance.

Origo reserves the right to enter the apartments if needed during the tenancy. Realistic situations will be: agreed cleaning, reported deficiencies/maintenance from the resident, suspicion of water leakage, fire or other damage/maintenance.




As the hotel is partially staffed, check-in takes place via the Mobile key app. Regular keycards are available on arrival but must be arranged in advance. All guests are obliged to keep their keys in order. If you need assistance because you have put your key in the room, or lost it, our staff or the security company must be contacted. Separate rates apply for this. A notice on this will be available in the apartments. 




Vinjes gate 2: Please note that the car park outside the hotel is reserved for Rema 1000's customers every day. Origo is not responsible for any fines if you park your car in this area. On the other hand, we can offer parking in Vinjes gate 10 for a fee. Please make an appointment a day in advance.

Øvre Storgate 3: Parking is available onsite for a fee. Please make an appointment a day in advance.




The customer is responsible for damage caused to the apartments due to negligent or intentional behaviour by the occupant. In the event of damage or defects during the stay or at check-out, Origo will rectify this, and the customer will be charged for time spent and material costs.

All apartments and common areas are non-smoking, and violations will be fined NOK 2,500.

Pets are not allowed in the apartments unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance with Origo. Such an agreement will add extra costs for washing, while unauthorized keeping of animals will be invoiced with NOK 2500, and cancellation of booking will occur without a refund.

At check-out, the apartments must be handed over well-maintained. In the event of negligent use that requires extra cleaning (possibly cleaning), Origo will charge accordingly. 

Origo is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal belongings during the stay.

Residents are encouraged to take out contents/travel insurance and report any theft or damage themselves.



Residents are obliged to familiarize themselves with the apartment hotel's fire instructions. Residents are responsible for preventing fires by using the kitchen and avoiding covering panel heaters. In the event of negligence leading to a fire or calling for emergency services of the Fire and Rescue Service, the customer will be charged for the costs this entails.



Complaints from customers or residents must be submitted in writing by email as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after check-out.



In the absence of an apartment category, Origo can choose, at no extra cost to the customer, to upgrade the customer's apartment to a higher category. When the original apartment category becomes vacant, the resident is obliged to move to the initially booked apartment.

Origo offers free Wi-Fi to all our residents. The offer is a free service, which means any complaints will be denied. 



Events beyond the control of the parties, which make it impossible to fulfil the obligations in this agreement (for example, strike, lockout, fire, etc.), give the right to terminate the contract without liability.


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